Why Us?


You will be welcomed into a spirited community that is committed to intellectual inquiry, social justice, and career developement through language and culture. You’ll enjoy:

SMALL CLASS SIZE. Classes in Romance Languages average under 20 students

PERSONALIZED ATTENTION. You’ll get to know the faculty. We’re big enough for a wide range of interests, but small enough to form a real community.

FULFILL THE B.A. LANGUAGE REQUIREMENT AND GET READY FOR YOUR CAREER. Second-year French, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish fulfills the language requirement for the B.A. and complements many different majors and other academic programs at UO: Romance Languages, Latin American Studies, International Studies, Business, Journalism, Human Physiology, other languages...even the sciences.

PREPARATION FOR COOL JOBS. Not just ones focused on the Romance Languages but also in a wide variety of fields like health care, government, IT, and business.

FUNDING FOR STUDY ABROAD. We have significant scholarships for study abroad. Whether it’s Senegal, Italy, Brazil, or Argentina, we can open the doors for a life-changing academic experience.

ALL THE RESOURCES OF A TIER ONE RESEARCH UNIVERSITY. Our campus is “human scale”—just the right size for students to get personalized attention while also having access to extraordinary research resources. 

THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST. Eugene is situated in the beautiful Williamette Valley at the confluence of the McKenzie and Willamette Rivers. The rugged Oregon coast and stunning Cascade Range are about on hour away by car, and Portland is a two-hour drive.