Scholarships (RL)

2022/23 Department of Romance Languages Scholarship Announcement


The Department of Romance Languages (RL) Scholarships are open to current undergraduate and graduate students who are declared majors or minors at the Department of Romance Languages at the time of application.  All RL undergraduate and graduates students must be enrolled full-time* (as defined by the UO) during the 2022/23 academic year in order to receive a scholarship award. *You are still considered a full-time UO student even if you are studying abroad.

Review details below to learn more about each award’s criteria and eligibility. Eligible students are encouraged to apply, regardless of citizenship, and/or FAFSA eligibility. Financial aid for Dreamer students (undocumented, DACA-mented, Tuition Equity, and students of mixed status families) can be found at the UO Dreamers resource page.

The following criteria apply to all scholarship applications (additional criteria may apply to individual scholarships, as indicated).

All applications must include:

1. A statement of purpose in applying for the scholarship (500 word limit). The statement should include personal qualifications, professional interest in the target language, and intended use of the scholarship.
2. A current unofficial transcript (minimum requirement: 3.50 GPA in major/minor coursework, and 3.0 GPA overall)
3. Two letters of recommendation from UO faculty members (submitted via email; please use departmental form, see below). One letter must be from a Romance Languages faculty member.

For scholarships that support study abroad:

  • A description of the Study Abroad program that you plan to attend. Documentation attesting acceptance into a program may be requested by the RL department.

For Stickles and Beall Scholarships:

  • For the Stickles Scholarship, students will need to present documentation certifying registration and/or acceptance in a foreign university before their trip.
  • For the Beall Scholarship, include a brief statement (350 word limit) describing dissertation project, progress to date, and plans for a fellowship term.  One letter of recommendation must come from your dissertation director.

Scholarship awards may have an impact on your financial aid. Please check with the UO's Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships prior to accepting any scholarships. 


Beall Graduate Dissertation Scholarship – Two awards equivalent to a regular Graduate Employee (GE) appointment providing RL doctoral students with a term of support with no teaching duties. Students must be advanced to candidacy and must obtain written approval from their dissertation advisor. Residence in Eugene is required. Research travel is allowed with advisor and departmental approval. (Scholarship does not cover travel expenses. Must be used in Winter or Spring 2022.  Preference given to students who have not previously held a Beall dissertation scholarship. Please see additional Beall Scholarship Application Guidelines.

Helen Fe Jones Scholarship – $1,500 scholarships to study Spanish in a Spanish-speaking country.

Charles H. Stickels Scholarship – Three $2,000 scholarships to study at a university in a Spanish-speaking country. Open to graduate students of Romance Languages with a concentration in Spanish, expressing an intention to become language teachers. Preference given to those going to Mexico. In the absence of graduate student applicants, undergraduates majoring in Spanish and intending to become language teachers will be considered. Undergraduates in the other Romance Languages intending to become language teachers may be considered in the absence of Spanish majors applying for this scholarship.

Nicolette B. Weicker Memorial Scholarship – Two $1,500 scholarships open to graduate students in Romance Languages.  Preference given to students specializing in French or Italian, and to doctoral students.  Awarded on the basis of overall quality of academic work and achievement. 

James T. and Mary Alice Wetzel Graduate Fellowship –  One $3,000 scholarship open to graduate students in Romance Languages, to support specific research projects.

**If funds permit, the award committee may recommend 2nd or 3rd place awards.

Scholarship Application Packet (everything you need in one click!)
Scholarship Recommendation Form (to be given to instructors for completion)

DEADLINE: Completed application due by 4:00 p.m. on Monday, February 21, 2022

Please email your scholarship application to Maria Heider, Letters of recommendations need to be emailed separately to Maria Heider,

Applicants will be notified of their status (awarded/declined) by May 2022.