Ph.D. Program


The Ph.D. program in Romance Languages is designed to provide students with:

  • A thorough familiarity with several fields (a movement, a genre, a period, a literary problem, etc.);
  • The opportunity to situate the student’s special interests in the wider context of Romance languages and literature, as well as in that of trends inside and outside Western European culture;
  • The tools necessary to engage literary issues at a high level;
  • The ability to examine new and challenging literary or theoretical perspectives.

Applicants holding a BA may be admitted directly to the PhD program. Students holding a BA who are admitted to the Romance Languages PhD program will receive the MA after successfully completing the customary two years of coursework, MA exams, and thesis project. They will then be prepared to focus on the timely completion of their PhD degree. 

Second language requirement: Besides English and their primary Romance language, students fulfill a second language requirement relevant to their research interests, either another Romance language taught in the department (French, Italian, Spanish, or Portuguese) or another language relevant to their research. A student wishing to integrate a language other than a Romance language in their PhD program is invited to develop its articulation with their research interests in their PhD statement and plan of study. The advisor will certify on the PhD timeline form that the student has completed the second language requirement before advancing to the PhD exam.

The Ph.D. program has the following components:


All post-M.A. work, including the dissertation, is normally completed in three to four years of study. Students entering the UO Ph.D. program with an M.A. from UO are normally eligible for a maximum of three years of funding after the M.A. Students entering the UO Ph.D. program with an M.A. from elsewhere are normally eligible for a maximum of four years of funding. Ph.D. students making satisfactory progress toward the degree are eligible for funding packages in the form of graduate teaching fellowships. Graduate teaching fellowships include stipends for teaching, as well as tuition waivers. Satisfactory progress entails completing all courses taken for credit with a grade of B or better; passing the Ph.D. comprehensive examination; timely submission of an acceptable dissertation prospectus; and regular and timely progress on the dissertation itself. 


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