MA Program

Students entering the MA program may specialize in French, Italian, or Spanish, or combine two of these fields for a major in Romance Languages. The Master of Arts program consists of:

The program is designed to be completed in two years. To help students navigate requirements, a faculty advisor is assigned by the department at the beginning of the first year. Students may change advisors later if they wish.

The typical timeline for completion of the MA, with requirements common to all programs indicated:

Year 1RL 608RL 620RL 623



Week 9:

MA Research Project Plan Approval Form Due


Week 10:

Summer Reading List Form Due — with Faculty Signature

RL 605 Reading


[Registration for this course is in the Fall term]

Year 2Week 3:


Fall Forum Presentation


Week 6:

MA Exam Committee Form Due


Week 10:

Preliminary Exam Reading List Submitted

Week 10:


Final Exam Reading List Filed with Graduate Coordinator

Week 7:


MA Exams


Week 10:

MA Research Project Due